Revolution in Science: How Galileo and Darwin Changed Our World

This is the compelling story of the two biggest events in the evolution of ideas: the revolutions of Galileo and Darwin. Mark Brake captures the adventure and excitement of these two scientists in this is a timely examination of the ways in which faith and science clash, and how the battle for ‘truth’ is a perennial one.

This is a tale of two revolutions. It is a story of history and adventure, science and invention, sex and absurdity, slavery and lunacy, murder and alchemy. A chronicle that sweeps continents and centuries, upending kings and cosmologies, religious dogma and the dark age of faith. Bringing remarkable ages to vivid life, the narrative traces momentous events that twice turned the world upside down. A medieval revolution that shifted the Throne of God to the far reaches of the universe, and a Victorian revolution that struck at the heart of humanity itself.



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