Physical Activity andHealthy Aging

Aging is the progressive deterioration at the cellular, tissue, and organ level that leads
to loss of homeostasis, decreased ability to adapt to internal or external stimuli, and
increased vulnerability to disease and death. Visible imprints of aging are loss of quantity
and pigmentation of hair, diminished height, decreased muscle mass, and thin
wrinkled skin. But it is not as bad as it sounds. The human body is an amazing machine.
Meet Man Kaur, a 101-year-old winner of the World Masters Games in New
Zealand, where she completed the 100-m dash in just 74 seconds. She is the oldest
woman to achieve this feat. Kaur’s accomplishment is even more remarkable in that
she only began her running career at the age of 96. In this article, we explore how
the aging process affects our bodies and how exercise positively impacts these


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