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This is an experimental set of eight Resource blogs, that together with  a dialogical and collaborative Service platform, are part of the infrastructure of the Learning Change Project to support and empower a community of change agents on Systemic Change. The Project is the product of a collective action-learning research agenda on society, culture, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, self-organization, rhizomes, networks, systems, complexity, sustainability and futuresThe blogs reflect our interest for bottom-up sustainable self-organized communities and systems. The Project is a not-for-profit, free and open initiative. The ads appearing in some pages belongs to WordPress.com.

The learning about changes is oriented to support social initiatives for inclusive, just, participative, self-reliant, social responsible, creative and innovative sustainable communities, with a system view of  learning institutions, embedded within complex socio-cultural environment, facilitating development processes by critical and creative citizens.

The Project works in a “natural” way with change agents, a relational and dialogical mode, from their own realities, on local talks facilitated by them, helping them with some reading on thinkers, theories, methods, techniques, praxis, experiences and more, just to give them some possible background for their main issues at hand, to help them to be surprised about emergent ideas and proposals, to enjoy the happiness of new social consciousness of the reality reading, into an spiral of social learning and new passion for learning and change, lifelong learners and change makers, lifelong future makers, as just a natural day by day flow, the flow of life, the joy of life, conversations, dancing, and love each other for what they have discover. Discovering is reaching a more joyful life for all, and appreciate it.

  The Dance of Discovery and Learning Change

(Henri Matisse, 1910)

This set of blogs is the result of an open action research on learning change covering a large set of related topics on thinkers, theories, methods, techniques, praxis and experiences, as an action into theory into action reflective flow of activities and actions. Some theories, as: Biology of Cognition & Autopoiesis; Complexity, Systems & Networks; Actor Network Theory; Complex Network Theory; Cultural Historical Activity Theory; Curiosity & Discovery Learning; Rhizo-nomadic Learning; Collective Intelligence; Viable System Model. Some thinkers, as; Varela, Maturana, Deleuze, Guattari, De Landa, László, Foulcault, Bourdieu, Vygotsky, Bakhtin, Gramsci, Freire, and much more. Some methods, techniques and praxis, as a large and growing collection of research and change methods and techniques, to facilitate the change agents work, besides a continous review of web technologies that might facilitate dialogue and collaboration. We do not pretend to teach or lecture, just open our research agenda, reading garden for your rhizo-nomadic self-organized local groups learning.

The final goal of the blog-resources is to support local communities and networks of practitioner change agents, on their self-organized local dialogical activities and actions of learning change within complex environments, working as learner innovators on emergent social learning and change processes, i.e. as shown by the figure on the change agent action oriented activity system.

The Project use a web system for communication and collaboration – a Google Apps Platform with some 40 tools for 800 member’s accounts, including Google+, plus several other tools as required by the members.

We would love to hear from you, and join forces to support others to develop their own open resources, and together facilitate collective intelligence of communities of self-organized researchers, developing  their own potential as critical and creative change agents.

If you are interested in forming or developing local study and action research groups or similar socio-cultural learning change initiatives, please let me know and we will try to support you.

Please comment on posts, categories, tags, issues and topics to be covered, besides suggestions for new resources and services.

File Download – at any post in all blogs, attached files are downloadable, once at the Viewer just go and select download.


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Written by Giorgio Bertini

September 8, 2010 at 9:31 pm

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