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Citizen Science: How Ordinary People are Changing the Face of Discovery

Think you need a degree in science to contribute to important scientific discoveries? Think again. All around the world, in fields ranging from astronomy to zoology, millions of everyday people are choosing to participate in the scientific process. Working in … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: What Is it and Why Is It So Important?

Scientific developments are happening faster than ever nowadays thanks to modern technology. Advancements and discoveries we thought were impossible 10 years ago, are being made right now. The most exciting part is that, increasingly, they’re being made by ordinary men … Continue reading

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Citizen CyberScience – New Directions and Opportunities for Human Computation

The concept of citizen cyberscience has been described as “…a grass-roots movement which challenges the assumption that only professional [scientists] can do science. Given the right tools and incentives, and some online training, millions of enthusiastic volunteers can make a … Continue reading

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Citizen social science and citizen data? Methodological and ethical challenges for social research

This article examines the value of observation data collected by volunteers as they go about their daily activities. Many citizens are already creating digital data archives of their own lives through online activity including via social media communication. Citizens now … Continue reading

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Citizen Science: Creating a culture of curiosity

A citizen scientist is an individual who, more often than not, voluntarily contributes his or her time, effort, and/or resources to formal or informal scientific research without necessarily having a formal science background. It’s time to bridge more gaps by harnessing … Continue reading

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Citizen science goes ‘New Wave’

In the Congo Basin, Bayaka pygmies patrol their forests with handheld tracking devices. Using the devices to record instances of poaching, industrial roads and illegal logging, they map their landscape, documenting the course of deforestation and harmful development. The project … Continue reading

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Read (short for ‘Citizen Science’) provides the training and tools to allow anyone to participate in research on species distributions. For starters, we are focusing on engaging citizen scientists to help map invasive species. We are funded by National … Continue reading

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