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The fugue of life: why complexity matters in neuroscience

While it is unclear exactly which mechanisms give way to neural complexity and healthy behaviour, keeping track of complexity is important to understanding and identifying brain disorders such as epilepsy, autism and schizophrenia. Measuring the complexity of brain activity could … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature

This book is a further contribution to the series Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology.It is an ambitious attempt to explain the relationship between intelligence and environmental complexity, and in so doing to link philosophy of mind to more general … Continue reading

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The Complex Mind: An Interdisciplinary Approach

The dominant approach of the last century to behaviour was ‘associationism’ – reducing the complexity of behaviour to the homogeneous strengthening and weakening of simple connections between stimuli and responses. Chomsky‘s devastating critique of this account of human language in … Continue reading

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The Biology of Human Behavior: Robert Sapolsky’s Key Insights

Today you can do something that wasn’t possible for any previous generation. You can take a class from a Stanford professor without paying a dime. For the past month, I have been watching Robert Sapolsky give twenty five lectures about … Continue reading

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