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The Creative Mind is a Technicolor Contradiction

What is going on in our brains when we are in our creative mode? Besides being in a flow state, what parts of the brain are we calling on to help us imagine and create? There are three major networks … Continue reading

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Network structure and dynamics of the mental workspace

We do not know how the human brain mediates complex and creative behaviors such as artistic, scientific, and mathematical thought. Scholars theorize that these abilities require conscious experience as realized in a widespread neural network, or “mental workspace,” that represents … Continue reading

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Creativity in the Brain

It has been said that creative intelligence is the ability to invent goals, projects, and plans-in other words, we might say, to invent the future.
 A reasonable assumption is that the creative process consists of the formation of new cognits … Continue reading

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Fostering creative thinking – Co-constructed insights from neuroscience and education

Read Although every creative act contains elements of spontaneity, teachers can play a critical role in fostering creative thinking processes through use of environment and strategy. No single part of our brain is responsible for creativity. Some regions linked to … Continue reading

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