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Mapping the Neurological Processes of Learning and Deciding

Researchers have mapped the neurological processes behind how new information can influence a person to change their mind, providing new insight into the mechanisms of learning. Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin can now map what happens neurologically … Continue reading

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Bases Neurales de la Décision. Une approche de Neurosciences Cognitives

Se basant sur les neurosciences, l’auteur passe successivement en revue divers problèmes relatifs à la décision: décision et raison, décision et regard, décision et inhibition, décision et double, décision et anticipation, décision et émotion, décision et interactions ou normes sociales … Continue reading

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Don’t Decide Before You Decide

Read When we make a decision, we are, in fact, deciding. It’s plain common sense. The definition of a decision. A tautology if ever there was one. Right? Actually, wrong. While it may indeed seem a commonsensical tautology, the truth … Continue reading

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