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Prenatal Drug Exposure Affects Neonatal Brain Functional Connectivity

Prenatal drug exposure, particularly prenatal cocaine exposure (PCE), incurs great public and scientific interest because of its associated neurodevelopmental consequences. However, the neural underpinnings of PCE remain essentially uncharted, and existing studies in school-aged children and adolescents are confounded greatly by postnatal … Continue reading


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Following students on “study drugs”

An increasing number of healthy students dope themselves with ADHD drugs. What happens when ‘study drugs’ become normal? A new study sets out to find the answer. Having observed how students in the US and Denmark use study drugs, a … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Designer Brains

When faced with these complex ethical questions, it is tempting to take sides either for or against biotechnology. Utopian proponents will argue that biotech will end human suffering. Detractors will label it “unnatural” (many of them in blog posts on … Continue reading

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Ritalin and Other Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs Probably Won’t Make You Smarter

Too much memory, attention or willpower, instead of making us into uber-geeks, might drive us the way of the wooly mammoth. Our gift as a species—what brought us on an evolutionary track from the Flintstones to Steve Jobs — relates … Continue reading

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