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The Cognitive-Emotional Brain

The idea that a specific brain circuit constitutes the emotional brain and its corollary, that cognition resides elsewhere, has shaped thinking about emotion and the brain for many years. Recent behavioral, neuropsychological, neuroanatomy, and neuroimaging research, however, suggests that emotion … Continue reading

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Managers should know more about Emotions

Organizational psychologist calls for a more playful and caring leadership. Our emotions control us more than we like to admit – even in the workplace. According to the Norwegian organizational psychologist, Morten Eikeland, emotions has had far too little attention … Continue reading

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The Cognitive Behavioral Miracle – Controlling your Emotions

The principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are based on a very simple idea: we feel according to what we think, in other words, our thoughts and cognitive constructions are at the root of our emotions and behavior patterns. CBT … Continue reading

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Detecting Emotional Contagion in Massive Social Networks

Happiness and other emotions spread between people in direct contact, but it is unclear whether massive online social networks also contribute to this spread. Here, we elaborate a novel method for measuring the contagion of emotional expression. With data from … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Emotions

The ability to recognize and work with different emotions is fundamental to psychological flexibility and well-being. Neuroscience has contributed to the understanding of the neural bases of emotion, emotion regulation, and emotional intelligence, and has begun to elucidate the brain … Continue reading

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Music Emotion and Evolution

For many, music exists to express emotions. Music stimulates both psychological mood and physiological changes including heart rate and breathing. Music can help anxiety. It drives the body with loud, fast music making people lively and promoting dance. Slow, soft … Continue reading

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The Emotional Life of Your Brain

What is your emotional fingerprint?  Why are some people so quick to recover from setbacks? Why are some so attuned to others that they seem psychic? Why are some people always up and others always down? In his thirty-year quest … Continue reading

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The Science of “Music and Emotions”

In “The Science of Opera,” actor Stephen Fry and comedian Alan Davies convene a panel of researchers from University College London to discuss what happened physiologically when the pair were hooked up to various sensors as they attended Verdi’s Simon … Continue reading

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What Do Emotions Have to Do with Learning?

When parents and teachers consider how children learn, it’s usually the intellectual aspects of the activity they have in mind. Sidney D’Mello would like to change that. The University of Notre Dame psychologist has been studying the role of feelings … Continue reading

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Evolution, Emotion, and Reason

Professor Bloom discussion of emotions as useful evolutionary adaptations for dealing with our social environment, describes evolutionary explanations for several important emotional responses, such as the love between parents and their offspring, the gratitude we feel towards cooperative behaviors, the … Continue reading

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