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Why are we all so frightened?

Knowing what you should fear, and quickly recognizing the biological changes in your body that indicate fear, can save your life. This critical task is processed by a small almond-shaped structure, the amygdala, which lies deep within the bottom of … Continue reading

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Increasing Confidence and Reducing Fear By Analyzing Brain Waves

Researchers have developed a new technique they believe could help people build confidence and overcome fears. UCLA-led research offers promise for treating anxiety, eating disorders. A new technique of analyzing brain patterns appears to help people overcome fear and build self-confidence. The approach, … Continue reading

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Why do people need Self-esteem? A theoretical and empirical review

Terror management theory posits that people are motivated to pursue positive self-evaluations because self-esteem provides a buffer against the omnipresent potential for anxiety engendered by the uniquely human awareness of mortality. Empirical evidence relevant to the theory is reviewed showing … Continue reading

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Intergenerational Transmission of Fear

Babies can learn very early in life to fear something that frightened their mothers even before they were born. Scientists have known for some time that trauma can ripple through generations.  Emotional trauma is transmitted across generations. For example, children … Continue reading

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