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Wealth disparity and family income impact the brain development

Female teenagers living in neighborhoods with wide salary gaps and a low-income household show changes to their brain maturation that could indicate a higher risk of developing mental illness in adulthood, suggests a recently published study by Canadian researchers. The … Continue reading

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How do our Brains react when Income is Distributed?

Economists from the Norwegian School of Economics NHH and brain researchers from the University of Bergen UiB have worked together to assess the relationship between fairness, equality, work and money. More precisely, the interdisciplinary research team from the two institutions … Continue reading

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Socio-environmentally determined health inequities among children and adolescents

There is ample evidence to show that young people living in poorer circumstances are more likely to be at risk of unintentional injuries and lack of physical activity than those from more affluent families. Unintentional injuries are the leading cause … Continue reading

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How family dynamics play out in the OWS movement

If one were to describe the populace of the United States as a family, who would be the children, and who would be the parents? I would argue that the occupiers, as representatives of the 99%, would be the “children”, … Continue reading

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Democracy Is In Our DNA: The Science Behind The Protest

Democracy is ingrained in our DNA, because it has helped us to survive. We have lived for most of our evolutionary history in small bands, and this has shaped our psychology today. Upstarts would occasionally try and dominate others — … Continue reading

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Does Inequality Make Us Unhappy?

This labor unrest among monkeys illuminates our innate sense of fairness. It’s not that the primates demanded equality — some capuchins collected many more pebbles than others, and that never created a problem — it’s that they couldn’t stand when … Continue reading

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