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How to Figure Out What You Don’t Know

Testing multiple computational models of the nervous system, researchers discover that just because a model can make accurate predictions about data, this doesn’t always translate into the underlying logic of the biological system it represents. Increasingly, biologists are turning to … Continue reading

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The New Science of Mind and the Future of Knowledge

Understanding mental processes in biological terms makes available insights from the new science of the mind to explore connections between philosophy, psychology, the social sciences, the humanities, and studies of disorders of mind. In this perspective we examine how these … Continue reading

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In praise of ignorance

“Science, we generally are told, is a very well-ordered mechanism for understanding the world, for gaining facts, for gaining data,” biologist Stuart Firestein says. “I’d like to tell you that’s not the case.” Instead, he proposes that science is really … Continue reading

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DNA and the Origins of Knowledge

For ten years, Jeremy Narby explored the Amazonian rain forests, the libraries of Europe, and some of the world’s most arcane scientific journals, following strange clues, unsuppressible intuitions, and extraordinary coincidences. He collected evidence and researched the seemingly impossible possibility … Continue reading

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