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Empathy and moral emotions in post-apartheid South Africa

Moral emotions elicited in response to others’ suffering are mediated by empathy and affect how we respond to their pain. South Africa provides a unique opportunity to study group processes given its racially divided past. The present study seeks insights … Continue reading

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Moral reasoning associated with activity in the human brain’s reward system

Individuals who have a high level of moral reasoning show increased activity in the brain’s frontostriatal reward system, both during periods of rest and while performing a sequential risk taking and decision making task according to a new study. The … Continue reading

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We Feel, Therefore We Learn: The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education

Recent advances in neuroscience are highlighting connections between emotion, social functioning, and decision making that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the role of affect in education. In particular, the neurobiological evidence suggests that the aspects of cognition … Continue reading

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The Physiology of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith made a persuasive case that “moral sentiments” are the foundation of ethical behaviors in his 1759 The Theory of Moral Sentiments.  This view is still controversial as philosophers debate  the extent of human morality.   One type of moral … Continue reading

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