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Predicting Early Emergence of Childhood Obesity in Underserved Preschoolers

Objective. To determine the magnitude of risk of factors that contribute to the emergence of childhood obesity among low-income minority children. Study design. We conducted a prospective cohort analysis of parent-child pairs with children aged 3-5 years who were nonobese (n = … Continue reading

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What are the treatments for obesity?

Obesity can happen for a number of reasons, including diet, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, a health condition, or the use of certain medications. A number of treatment options can help people to achieve and maintain a suitable weight. Carrying … Continue reading

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New Insights into Obesity: In-Depth Reports

Read several articles As obesity becomes a global health threat, scientists are discovering new details about how this complex affliction affects the body–and about the many factors that bring it on. In a partnership with theVisualMD, here is a look … Continue reading

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