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Ginecosofía para todas

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Después me di cuenta de que lo que yo quería, más que las mujeres fueran a un especialista médico natural, era que ellas fueran las especialistas de su propia salud, auto conocerse y curarse,  reconocer sus partes, su útero. Entonces le cambié el nombre de ginecología a  ginecosofía, que es sabiduría de la mujer. Más que la especialidad es que se reconozcan a sí mismas, que se empoderen de esa sabiduría que fue ocultada en una caza de brujas en todo el mundo en el cual se persiguió a parteras y hierbateras, donde se arrasó con ellas porque se hizo un negocio de todo esto.


Written by Giorgio Bertini

September 25, 2012 at 1:01 pm

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Women More Likely Than Men to See Nuance When Making Decisions

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New research suggests gender plays a role in these decisions because men tend to organize the world into distinct categories whereas women see things as more conditional and in shades of gray.

One possibility is that societal gender roles promote more absolute, black-and-white views in men and more detailed, complex views in women. Traditionally, cultures  have rewarded males for being decisive and proactive, even if it means jumping to conclusions. In contrast, females are socialized to be more thoughtful and receptive to others’ views, even if it means being more self-critical. This socialization not only affects behavior and personality; it also colors our perceptions. For instance , women perceive greater risk across many real and hypothetical scenarios relative to men, partly because risk-taking is a central and esteemed component of the masculine gender role.

Written by Giorgio Bertini

September 22, 2011 at 1:59 am

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Women’s ways of knowing: the development of self, voice, and mind

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Drawn from the voices of women of varied backgrounds, Women’s Ways of Knowing reveals the unique perspectives from which women view reality and draw conclusions about truth, knowledge, and authority. An intellectual and political Our Bodies, Ourselves, this book has had significant impact on debates about learning and gender, and will continue to have resonance throughout the fields of education and psychology for years to come.

Written by Giorgio Bertini

May 24, 2011 at 3:02 am

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