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Cognitive Abilities Seem to Reinforce Each Other in Adolescence

Study reports cognitive abilities mutually assist each other during development. This results in improved cognitive skills and general intelligence over time. One of the most striking findings in psychology is that almost all cognitive abilities are positively related – on … Continue reading

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Human Brain Networks Developing in Adolescence Related to Evolutionary Expansion

According to a new study, adolescence may be a crucial period for remodeling of the human brain. Penn study uses data from study of brain development to offer new opportunities for research into prevention of psychiatric illness. Adolescence marks not … Continue reading

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Development of the Adolescent Brain and Social Cognition

Adolescence is a time of considerable development at the level of behaviour, cognition and the brain. This article reviews histological and brain imaging studies that have demonstrated specific changes in neural architecture during puberty and adolescence, outlining trajectories of grey … Continue reading

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The Social Brain in Adolescence

Social cognition is the collection of cognitive processes required to understand and interact with others. The term ‘social brain’ refers to the network of brain regions that underlies these processes. Recent evidence suggests that a number of social cognitive functions … Continue reading

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The Biology of Adolescence

Adolescence is a time of transformation that is characterized by discrete changes in behavior, cognition and the brain – some of which are likely pubertal dependent, and others which are not. Although set within cultural contexts, these transformations appear to … Continue reading

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Decision-making and Social Neurocognition during Adolescence

Adolescents show a tendency to engage in risky activities, such as dangerous driving and unsafe sex. This has led to the suggestion that adolescents are poor decisionmakers, and are risk-seeking in general. The first two chapters of this thesis describe … Continue reading

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Decision-making in the Adolescent Brain

Adolescence is characterized by making risky decisions. Early lesion and neuroimaging studies in adults pointed to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and related structures as having a key role in decision-making. More recent studies have fractionated decision-making processes into its various … Continue reading

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