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Mathematical beauty activates same brain region as great art or music

People who appreciate the beauty of mathematics activate the same part of their brain when they look at aesthetically pleasing formula as others do when appreciating art or music, suggesting that there is a neurobiological basis to beauty. There are … Continue reading

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Neuroscience vs Art: Let’s talk across the divide

Can the messy richness of art be reduced to neuroscience? It’s not clear, but the various parties can at least agree on common ground. How art operates on brains is interesting but does not get us far in terms of … Continue reading

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Neuro-aesthetics: Beauty Is in the Brain of the Beholder

There are few things more personal than one’s aesthetic taste. When you really connect to a piece of art or music, it touches something deep inside. It moves you in a way that often escapes words. But what’s going on … Continue reading

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Music Emotion and Evolution

For many, music exists to express emotions. Music stimulates both psychological mood and physiological changes including heart rate and breathing. Music can help anxiety. It drives the body with loud, fast music making people lively and promoting dance. Slow, soft … Continue reading

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Music and the Brain

Melody, harmony, timbre, rhythm, and lyrics are perceived as a movement, as meaning, and as emotion in the brain. The unique power of music to harness nature, culture and mind play out in the interaction of music and the brain. Some … Continue reading

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How Does the Brain Perceive Art?

We want to believe that pleasure is simple, that our delight in a fine painting or bottle of wine is due entirely to the thing itself. But that’s not the way reality works. Whenever we experience anything, that experience is … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Beauty: How does the Brain appreciate Art?

The notion of “the aesthetic” is a concept from the philosophy of art of the 18th century according to which the perception of beauty occurs by means of a special process distinct from the appraisal of ordinary objects. Hence, our … Continue reading

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Learning, Arts and the Brain

In 2004, the Dana Arts and Cognition Consortium brought together cognitive neuroscientists from seven universities across the United States to grapple with the question of why arts training has been associated with higher academic performance. Is it simply that smart … Continue reading

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