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A glimpse into the workings of the baby brain

In adults, certain regions of the brain’s visual cortex respond preferentially to specific types of input, such as faces or objects — but how and when those preferences arise has long puzzled neuroscientists. One way to help answer that question … Continue reading

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Babies can Learn that Hard Work pays off

MIT researchers report children as young as 15 months try harder to complete a task if they witness an adult struggling to succeed than those who witness a task completed effortlessly. Study finds infants try harder after seeing adults struggle to … Continue reading

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Neuroscience: Mum’s bacteria linked to baby’s behaviour

Infection during pregnancy increases the risk of neurodevelopmental isorders, such as autism, in offspring. Mouse studies now reveal a link between gut bacteria and typical brain-circuit connections. Animal studies and epidemiological analysis in humans have shown that if a mother is infected by certain … Continue reading

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Music improves Baby brain responses to music and speech

New research shows that play sessions with music improved babies’ brain processing of both music and new speech sounds. Engaging musical experiences can help babies develop cognitive skills. Rock your baby in sync with music and you may wonder how the experience … Continue reading

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Baby’s innate numbers skills predicts future Math skill

Innate ability to identify quantities previews future mathematics performance. Babies who are good at telling the difference between large and small groups of items even before learning how to count are more likely to do better with numbers in the … Continue reading

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Infants’ brains attuned to baby talk and nursery rhymes

Researchers in Cambridge believe that babies learn best when their brain waves are in sync with their parents’. The study has also shown that infants are attuned to baby talk and nursery rhymes. The research indicates that babies need to feel safe, … Continue reading

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Studies link between babies’ learning abilities and future development

Newborns are born largely blind, with dark, blurry, colourless and two-dimensional vision, Tseng says. While in the womb, there is no chance to develop vision. But they respond to auditory cues, which is why the best way to connect with … Continue reading

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A Baby’s Smile – Mom’s Natural High

It turns out that pictures of the smiling babies may be more than just decorative pieces. An interesting study at the Baylor College of Medicine suggests that a baby’s smile may be providing a natural high to the mother. This … Continue reading

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Babies know what’s fair

“We think children are born with a skeleton of general expectations about fairness,” explains Sloane, “and these principles and concepts get shaped in different ways depending on the culture and the environment they’re brought up in.” Some cultures value sharing … Continue reading

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Breast-Feeding Is Important to Mother-Baby Bonding

Breast milk may be the key to mother-baby bonding, according to research that found that breast-feeding mothers demonstrate stronger brain responses when they hear their baby cry. They’re also more likely than formula-feeding moms to bond with their babies, says … Continue reading

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