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Does modern Neuroscience help us understand Behavior?

Lately, some neuroscientists have been struggling with an identity crisis: what do we believe, and what do we want to achieve? Is it enough to study the brain’s machinery, or are we missing its larger design? Scholars have pondered the … Continue reading

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It’s Fine If Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Stick to a Bedtime

Sometimes we don’t give kids enough credit — as easy as childhood can seem to those of us who are on the other side of it, it’s also essentially a long slog through a bunch of things you don’t want … Continue reading

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Intuitive Prosociality

Prosocial behavior is a central feature of human life and a major focus of research across the natural and social sciences. Most theoretical models of prosociality share a common assumption: Humans are instinctively selfish, and prosocial behavior requires exerting reflective … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Collective Behavior

Similar patterns of interaction, such as network motifs and feedback loops, are used in many natural collective processes, probably because they have evolved independently under similar pressures. Here I consider how three environmental constraints may shape the evolution of collective … Continue reading

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Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding

Buried in Treasures outlines a scientifically-based and effective program for helping compulsive hoarders dig their way out of the clutter and chaos of their homes. Discover the reasons for your problems with acquiring, saving, and hoarding, and learn new ways … Continue reading

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The Biology of Human Behavior: Robert Sapolsky’s Key Insights

Today you can do something that wasn’t possible for any previous generation. You can take a class from a Stanford professor without paying a dime. For the past month, I have been watching Robert Sapolsky give twenty five lectures about … Continue reading

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