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Cognition all the way down

Biology’s next great horizon is to understand cells, tissues and organisms as agents with agendas (even if unthinking ones) Biologists like to think of themselves as properly scientific behaviourists, explaining and predicting the ways that proteins, organelles, cells, plants, animals … Continue reading

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Building Complex Life Through Self-Organization

Self-organization is a powerful innate feature of cells that can be fine-tuned but not over-engineered to create new tissues and organs. Cells are inherently conferred with the ability to self-organize into the tissues and organs comprising the human body. Self-organization … Continue reading

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How Heat Kills Cells

The proteins that unravel as the temperature starts to rise turn out to be among the most vital. Above a certain temperature, a cell will collapse and die. One of the most straightforward explanations for this lack of heat hardiness … Continue reading

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