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The Birth of Politics in Children

A new study looks at how the notion of equality and sense of justice develops in children. As they grow up, do children become young Robin Hoods? Depending on their age, they do not allocate resources in the same way … Continue reading

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Socioeconomic status and the Developing Brain

Childhood socioeconomic status (SES) is associated with cognitive achievement throughout life. How does SES relate to brain development, and what are the mechanisms by which SES might exert its influence? We review studies in which behavioral, electrophysiological and neuroimaging methods … Continue reading

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Natural pedagogy

We propose that human communication is specifically adapted to allow the transmission of generic knowledge between individuals. Such a communication system, which we call ‘natural pedagogy’, enables fast and efficient social learning of cognitively opaque cultural knowledge that would be … Continue reading

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Identifying the most vulnerable children in out-of-home care

Close ties with adults are essential for a healthy development for young children. Now, for the first time, statistical research identifies children in out-of-home care that have a particular risk of lacking stable adult contact in their first years of … Continue reading

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Is Divorce Bad for Children?

Divorcing parents are usually very concerned about the welfare of their children during this troublesome process. Some parents are so worried that they remain in unhappy marriages, believing it will protect their offspring from the trauma of divorce. Yet parents … Continue reading

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Children who walk to school concentrate better

Children who walk or cycle to school rather than being driven by their parents have an increased power of concentration, and the effect of this ‘exercise’ lasts all morning.  If you’re in the habit of driving your children to school, … Continue reading

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Pleasant to the Touch and Childhood Development

Touch is central to our experience of the world; it helps define us. We sense with our bodies the objects we encounter—the couch cradling us, the table colliding with our knees, the breeze fluttering at our cheeks. Nerves uniquely adapted … Continue reading

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Free Play Is Essential for Normal Emotional Development

In play, children practice many skills that are crucial for healthy development. They practice physical and manual skills, intellectual skills, and social skills. I have written about all of this in previous posts. They also practice emotional skills. In play, … Continue reading

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Puzzle Play Helps Boost Learning Math-Related Skills

Children who play with puzzles between ages 2 and 4 later develop better spatial skills, a study by University of Chicago researchers has found. Puzzle play was found to be a significant predictor of spatial skill after controlling for differences … Continue reading

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Why Young Children Protest Bedtime: A Story of Evolutionary Mismatch

Why do they protest going to bed, when sleep is clearly good for them and they need it? The answer begins to emerge as soon as we leave the Western world and look at children elsewhere.  Bedtime protest is unique … Continue reading

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