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On the Same Wavelength: Face-to-Face Communication Increases Interpersonal Neural Synchronization

Understanding neural mechanisms of social interaction is important for understanding human social nature and for developing treatments for social deficits related to disorders such as autism. However, conventional cognitive and behavioral neuroscience has concentrated on developing novel experimental paradigms and investigating human–computer interactions, rather than studying interpersonal interaction per … Continue reading

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Neuroscience of language and communication

The human capacity to communicate has been hypothesized to be causally dependent upon language. Intuitively this seems plausible since most communication relies on language. Moreover, intention recognition abilities (as a necessary prerequisite for communication) and language development seem to co-develop. … Continue reading

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The Cultural side of Science Communication

The main proposition of this paper is that science communication necessarily involves and includes cultural orientations. There is a substantial body of work showing that cultural differences in values and epistemological frameworks are paralleled with cultural differences reflected in artifacts … Continue reading

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Parent-infant Communication differs by Gender shortly after Birth

Mothers are more likely to respond to their infant’s vocal cues than fathers, and infants respond preferentially to mother’s voice, according to a new study. Researchers also found that mothers may be more likely to vocalize back and forth with … Continue reading

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