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Younger Kids May Make Better Decisions Than Older Ones

A new study has found that, in a way, the older you get the worse your decision-making becomes. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada, found that younger children seem to make slightly better decisions … Continue reading

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How Decisions Form in the Brain

Researchers describe what happens in the brain just prior to making a decision. Real-time monitoring of the dynamics of endogenous molecules in organisms is an important aspect in the study of diseases. However, this process is difficult because of issues … Continue reading

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How neurons use crowdsourcing to make decisions

How do we make decisions? Or rather, how do our neurons make decisions for us? Do individual neurons have a strong say or are the voice in the neural collective? One way to think about this question is to ask … Continue reading

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Brain training has no effect on decision-making or cognitive function: study

During the last decade, commercial brain-training programs have risen in popularity, offering people the hope of improving their cognitive abilities through the routine performance of various “brain games” that tap cognitive functions such as memory, attention and cognitive flexibility. But a … Continue reading

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Decision-making and Social Neurocognition during Adolescence

Adolescents show a tendency to engage in risky activities, such as dangerous driving and unsafe sex. This has led to the suggestion that adolescents are poor decisionmakers, and are risk-seeking in general. The first two chapters of this thesis describe … Continue reading

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Decision-making in the Adolescent Brain

Adolescence is characterized by making risky decisions. Early lesion and neuroimaging studies in adults pointed to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and related structures as having a key role in decision-making. More recent studies have fractionated decision-making processes into its various … Continue reading

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