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Covid-19 and the Epigenetics of Learning

Covid-19 is a natural phenomenon that has rapidly upended much of the cultural infrastructure of societies across the globe. Education, which in recent years increasingly tied itself to notions of global culture and markets, is deeply threatened by these changes … Continue reading


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Unraveling the gene-environment interaction

The field of epigenetics focuses on how the blueprint provided by genes is actualized, examining how experiences influence the way genes manifest themselves or are “expressed.” Using the tools of epigenetics, the studies in the special section move beyond the … Continue reading

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Brains work via their Genes just as much as their Neurons

It’s not headline news that our brains are the seat of our thoughts and feelings. The brain is a body’s decision-maker, the pilot of its actions and the engineer that keeps all systems going. The brain suits the body’s actions … Continue reading

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