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Evolving Human Nutrition: Implications for Public Health

While most of us live our lives according to the working week, we did not evolve to be bound by industrial schedules, nor did the food we eat. Despite this, we eat the products of industrialization and often suffer as … Continue reading

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Evolution of human intelligence

The evolution of human intelligence refers to a set of theories that attempt to explain how human intelligence has evolved. These theories are closely tied to the evolution of the human brain and to the emergence of human language. The timeline … Continue reading

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Unique Skull Find Rebuts Theories On Species Diversity in Early Humans

Paleoanthropologists from the University of Zurich have uncovered the intact skull of an early Homo individual in Dmanisi, Georgia. This find is forcing a change in perspective in the field of paleoanthropology: human species diversity two million years ago was … Continue reading

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Humans and the life forms they host are in it together

You are a walking ecosystem. And you are not alone. Ever. Microbial life teems on, and in, your body. If you’re healthy, these life forms live in harmony with you in a stable and balanced system, where host and guest … Continue reading

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The Social Conquest of Earth

From the most celebrated heir to Darwin comes a groundbreaking book on evolution, the summa work of Edward O. Wilson‘s legendary career. Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going? In a generational work of clarity … Continue reading

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Babies know what’s fair

“We think children are born with a skeleton of general expectations about fairness,” explains Sloane, “and these principles and concepts get shaped in different ways depending on the culture and the environment they’re brought up in.” Some cultures value sharing … Continue reading

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Democracy Is In Our DNA: The Science Behind The Protest

Democracy is ingrained in our DNA, because it has helped us to survive. We have lived for most of our evolutionary history in small bands, and this has shaped our psychology today. Upstarts would occasionally try and dominate others — … Continue reading

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How Humans Became Social

Look around and it’s impossible to miss the importance of social interactions to human society. They form the basis of our families, our governments, and even our global economy. But how did we become social in the first place? Researchers … Continue reading

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