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Decoding the Brain’s Learning Machine

A new study sheds light on how the cerebellum is able to make predictions and learn from mistakes, especially when it comes to completing complex motor actions. The findings could help in the development of new machine learning technologies. In … Continue reading

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Sleep after learning strengthens connections between brain cells and enhances memory

Researchers show for the first time that sleep after learning encourages the growth of dendritic spines, the tiny protrusions from brain cells that connect to other brain cells and facilitate the passage of information across synapses, the junctions at which … Continue reading

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The Brain Learns Completely Differently than We’ve Assumed

A new study challenges long-held beliefs about how learning occurs. Researchers suggest learning occurs in dendrites that are in close proximity to neurons, as opposed to occurring solely in synapses. The brain is a complex network containing billions of neurons, … Continue reading

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The Learning Brain is less Flexible than previously believed

According to researchers, when learning a new task, the brain is less flexible than previously believed. Nobody really knows how the activity in your brain reorganizes as you learn new tasks, but new research from Carnegie Mellon University and the … Continue reading

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On Learning During Childhood Development

Researchers report the thalamus plays a critical role in regulating how the brain learns to integrate binocular input during development. During childhood, the brain goes through critical periods in which its learning ability for specific skills and functions is strongly … Continue reading

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Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning

MIT study finds neurons that hum together encodes new information. The human mind can rapidly absorb and analyze new information as it flits from thought to thought. These quickly changing brain states may be encoded by synchronization of brain waves … Continue reading

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Brain waves reflect different types of learning

For the first time, researchers have identified neural signatures of explicit and implicit learning. Figuring out how to pedal a bike and memorizing the rules of chess require two different types of learning, and now for the first time, researchers … Continue reading

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Molecular basis for Memory and Learning: Brain development and plasticity share similar signaling​ pathways

Learning and memory are two important functions of the brain that are based on the brain’s plasticity. Scientists now report on how a trio of key molecules directs these processes. Their findings provide new leads for the therapy of Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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Bilingual People Find it Easier to Learn New Languages

Brain activity of bilingual people who learn a new language is similar to that of native speakers of that language within one day of training, a new study report. For monolingual people, it takes much longer to exhibit brain activity … Continue reading

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Babies can Learn that Hard Work pays off

MIT researchers report children as young as 15 months try harder to complete a task if they witness an adult struggling to succeed than those who witness a task completed effortlessly. Study finds infants try harder after seeing adults struggle to … Continue reading

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