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Brain and Music Program

Music Education and Brain Development Over the past two decades, music training has been associated with better than average language and mathematical skills and higher IQ, while differences between musicians and nonmusicians have been found in brain areas related to … Continue reading

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Music as the Brain’s Universal Language

What are some of the biggest challenges of studying musical creativity from a neuroscience perspective? It’s not just music—artistic creativity in general is one of the toughest topics to study because it’s an elusive thing. Creativity is made up of … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Music, Behavior, and Staying Sane in the Age of Twitter

Neuroscientist and author of This Is Your Brain On Music Daniel Levitin talks about information overload. When it comes to music and the human brain, Daniel Levitin’s expertise is hard to top. The musician, professor, and neuroscientist quite literally wrote … Continue reading

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Musical training creates new Brain connections in Children

Taking music lessons increases brain fiber connections in children and may be useful in treating autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study. “It’s been known that musical instruction benefits children with these disorders,” said Pilar Dies-Suarez, … Continue reading

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How Music hijacks our Perception of Time – How Music works its Magic on our Brains

One evening, some 40 years ago, I got lost in time. I was at a performance of Schubert’s String Quintet in C major. During the second movement I had the unnerving feeling that time was literally grinding to a halt. … Continue reading

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Prenatal Music Exposure Induces Long-Term Neural Effects

We investigated the neural correlates induced by prenatal exposure to melodies using brains’ event-related potentials (ERPs). During the last trimester of pregnancy, the mothers in the learning group played the ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ – melody 5 times per week. … Continue reading

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Music Emotion and Evolution

For many, music exists to express emotions. Music stimulates both psychological mood and physiological changes including heart rate and breathing. Music can help anxiety. It drives the body with loud, fast music making people lively and promoting dance. Slow, soft … Continue reading

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Music and the Brain

Melody, harmony, timbre, rhythm, and lyrics are perceived as a movement, as meaning, and as emotion in the brain. The unique power of music to harness nature, culture and mind play out in the interaction of music and the brain. Some … Continue reading

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The Science of “Music and Emotions”

In “The Science of Opera,” actor Stephen Fry and comedian Alan Davies convene a panel of researchers from University College London to discuss what happened physiologically when the pair were hooked up to various sensors as they attended Verdi’s Simon … Continue reading

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